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In the autumn of 1908, steel magnate Andrew Carnegie gave the young journalist Napoleon Hill a challenge. He asked him to create strong research on success based on the experience of rich Americans. After a couple of decades and reading a thousand pages of research, he came up with the international bestseller Think and Grow Rich.”
Hill describes the basic and important rules for achieving success in this book. His principles are based on the research of around 500 self-made rich Americans with life-changing experiences and advice. The book is divided into 15 chapters, each with different mindshifts. Throughout the book, you will find personal quotes and stories of great people, inspiring you to become the next great. In this blog post, we will summarize the book Think and Grow Rich and the popular quotes of Napoleon Hill. We have made a chapter-wise summary to ease your understanding. Enjoy reading!

Think and Grow Rich Chapters and Summary

The whole book is divided in to the 15 chapters name as

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Desire

Chapter 3: Faith

Chapter 4: Auto suggestion

Chapter 5: Specialized Knowledge

Chapter 6: Imagination

Chapter 7: Organized Planning

Chapter 8: Decision

Chapter 9: Persistence

Chapter 10: Power of master mind

Chapter 11: The power of sex transmutation

Chapter 12: The subconscious mind

Chapter 13: The Brain

Chapter 14: The sixth sense

Chapter 15: How to outwit the sixth ghosts of fear

Chapter Wise Summary

The chapter 1: introduction is based on the few guidelines to read the book and some successful stories of the richest people. We will start with the First step to Riches Chapter No 2.


Hill stated that knowing your goal and designing the path to achieve it are important. The stronger your desires, the more chances you have of achieving them. Be clearer about your goals; read them aloud twice daily, in the morning or at night. To desire, you must be clear about these questions:

  1. Decide exactly how much money you want.
  2. Decide the path to earning that amount.
  3. What should you let go of to earn that amount?

Write them down and make a habit of reading them every day. Your desire should be stronger than your excuses.


Faith is a state of mind that must be cultivated. Fate alone can help you achieve the most difficult tasks and impossible goals. We can develop faith in our subconscious mind by repeating affirmations and positive thoughts. We must be clear about our goal, i.e., how much money we want, and have full faith in it.

Here are some suggestions you can try:

  1. Our thoughts have a great influence on our minds. Thus, spend 30 minutes thinking of the person you want to become.
  1. Increase your self-confidence and self-worth.
  2. Write a description of your goal and be clear about it.

Auto Suggestion:

Auto-suggestion is the second name for self-suggestion. In the previous chapter, we learned that repeating affirmation alone can’t work; we must attach our emotions to it. Autosuggestion acts as a bridge between the subconscious and conscious minds. But how can we develop the habit of auto-suggestion? Here are some tips:

  1. Find a quiet place, read your goals out loud, and visualize them in your mind.
  2. Repeat these thoughts day and night.
  3. Place this statement where you can see it first thing in the morning and last before bed.

Specialized Knowledge:

There are two types of knowledge in this world: general and specific. You need more than general knowledge to earn the desired money; we should gain specific knowledge about our domain and goal. If you can’t get specific knowledge about your goal, Hill suggested creating a “Master Mind” group.
This group consists of people with expertise in specific knowledge and can help you attain your goals.


Imagination is the greater force in our brain, where new and creative ideas are born. Hill declares two types of imagination, i.e., synthetic and creative. In synthetic imagination, you reformulate existing ideas and concepts into new forms—a new way to do the same thing. But with creative imagination, one can create a new concept or idea that has never existed before.
Creative imagination is where great ideas take place, and one can turn it into a huge amount with desire. Creative thinking is the greater force of our brain and, hence, can do wonders for us.

Organized Planning:

Money without planning is the finish line without advancing towards it. Hill’s suggestion for making and organizing your plane is:

  1. Meet your mastermind group twice weekly until you have created a solid plane.
  2. Be ready to give them in return if you get something from Master Mind.
  3. Change your plan, but never give up on it; make it clearer, draw on the board, and analyze the errors and how you can solve them.


Procrastination is the biggest hurdle to achieving your goal. One can set a clear goal and decide what to do quickly. A person who can make decisions knows the power of it, and the one who cannot make decisions follows the other’s opinion about it.
If a person is clear about their goals and knows the path to follow, he can quickly make decisions. The decision requires courage, and only the bold can achieve greatness.


Persistence is the key element to achieving what others cannot. Staying focused on your goals and working to get through them is the act of greatness. Many people will give up the moment things are going their way, and others choose to persist in them and advance towards their goals. Here are some actionable steps you can follow to learn the skill of persistence:

  1. Definition of purpose: You should know exactly what you want.
  2. Desire: Become obsessed with your purpose.
  3. Self-reliance: Believing that you can follow your plan increases your persistence.
  4. Plans: Clear plans can help you go through it more quickly.
  5. Accurate knowledge: ensuring that your plans are based on the facts
  6. Cooperation: Meet and consult with your mastermind group.
  7. Willpower: Concentrate on paying attention to seeing your plans through to completion.
  8. Habit: Make it a habit that, whatever the circumstances, you will not stop.

Power of Master Mind:

To accumulate money, you need at least these three powers:

  1. Infinite intelligence
  2. Accumulated experience
  3. Experimentation and research

Knowledge can be converted into power. However, knowledge can’t help you achieve your goals; we need an actionable plan. You can use the knowledge of your mastermind group to create a thorough plan to achieve your goals. Your mastermind will give you suggestions according to their experience and knowledge.

The Power of Sex Transmutation:

The word transmutation means to transform an element from one to another. Sex is the most powerful drive in human beings, and one can become so serious about it. Hills argues that if we put same-sex energy into other pursuits, it can have a far more potent effect on them. It should be noted that Hill is not against sex transmutation, but it is important to shift the focus towards other and more meaningful goals.

The Subconscious Mind:

Our subconscious mind has greater power to achieve what we want. But we can’t control our subconscious mind, although we can train it with repeated actions and habits. The actions we take and the habits we develop can directly affect our subconscious and, hence, our lives. Positive and negative thoughts can also greatly affect our subconscious mind, as these thoughts can determine our future path.

The Brain

Hill firmly believed that our brains can pick up the thoughts and vibrations of other brains. Our subconscious mind has a greater impact on our brains and determines the path to our success. Hill argues that if one is engaging in sex transmutation, then their thoughts will vibrate with a greater frequency.
Hill suggested cultivating your subconscious and creative imagination through auto-suggestion to operate your broadcasting abilities to their optimum.

The Sixth Sense:

Hill believed that creative imagination is the sixth sense of human beings and the strongest among ourselves. If our subconscious mind vibrates at a very high positive frequency, it will connect with infinite intelligence. Our sixth sense is a combination of both mental and spiritual aspects.
When we learn the message of the sixth sense, we can know when to avoid danger and when to seize the opportunity. It acts as a guardian angel.

How to Overcome the Sixth Ghost of Fear?

Fear is the most common hurdle among humans; here are Hill’s six fears.

  1. Fear of poverty
  2. Fear of criticism
  3. Fear of ill health
  4. Fear of losing someone’s health
  5. Fear of old age
  6. Fear of death

Hill categorized all the fears under these headings. He also suggested that fear is nothing but a state of mind, and the mind can be diverted. Thus, we can control our fate by controlling our minds, overcome fear, and accumulate all of our desired riches.

Think and Rrow Rich pdf

The Think and Grow Rich PDF should be on your must-read list if you’re serious about succeeding. Take action by downloading the Think and Grow Rich PDF rather than reading articles or watching videos that promise a quick remedy. This timeless classic offers useful insights that can change your perspective and life. However, you will need more than just reading to get there. To achieve your goals, you must be prepared to put in the effort, use the lessons you’ve learned, and take action. Why wait? Download the Think and Grow Rich PDF immediately to start on the path to prosperity.

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