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Skin disorder is a common issue nowadays, there are different types of skin disorder and each has its causes, symptoms, and treatment. Rashes are one of the skin diseases which affect a particular part of the skin or may even spread over the body’s skin. Some skin disorder are mild, some of them are rare and some are serious conditions that will need quick medical treatment. Your skin is the largest organ of your body, it will protect you from different things, from heat, cold, fire, and almost everything. Your skin is also the first layer of your body that will come across outside exposure ie touch. Protecting our skin should be our first priority. Out of many skin issues, Rashes are the major issue nowadays. In this article, we will know about rashes, some common rashes, their symptoms, and prevention.

Common Skin Rashes

Rashes are abnormal changes in the skin. The part of the skin which is affected by the rashes will have swelling, irritation, and different shades of red, orange, and purple. Rashes are ranging from mild to serious levels, some of them will be cured within a few days ie on their own and some of them can be cured with the proper treatment and care. Some of the common rashes are

1. Hives

Hives are the common rash, a red or skin-colored rash that causes that sometimes burns or stings. It can appear on any part of the body, change its location, can disappear, and reappear again.


  1. Bites or stings from the insects.
  2. Pet dander.
  3. Pollen.
  4. Certain foods.
  5. Heat or cold exposure.

2. Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is the type of itching or rashes that happened when the skin encounters a poison, household chemical, soaps, or metals such as silver or gold. The rash may appear hours or days after contact with the irritant.


  1. Irritated, red and swollen skin.
  2. Itching.
  3. Skin that feels hot or tender.

3. Eczema

Eczema is a chronic long-lasting disease that manifests as a rash with redness, swelling, cracking, and extreme itchiness. It can affect anyone at any age but it is common in a child.


  1. Dry skin.
  2. Rashes that appear on cheeks, legs and/or arms.
  3. Itching.

4. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune condition that manifests as a burning rash. In people with psoriasis, their skin cells grow faster than others. This can cause redness and itching on skin.


  1. Thick raised patches of skin.
  2. Other symptoms depend on the type of psoriasis.

5. Lupus

It is also an autoimmune system that causes the immune system to attack healthy cells and tissues. It will affect joints, organs, and skin.


  1. Fatigue
  2. Hair loss
  3. Headache
  4. Joint pain and swelling.

6. Heat rashes

Heat rash or prickly heat is a red itchy made of small prickly bumps that look like a cluster of pimples or small blisters. It is common in children but can happen to anyone.

Humid or hot weather trigger this rash

Humid or hot weather trigger this rash. There are also some of the rashes that causes by the infection or disease like HIV, chickenpox, Roseola and Measles


Some of the rashes resemble a skin disorder. But both have different causes and treatments. We should apply a skincare routine and protect ourselves from the causes. If you are going outside in the scorching sun, cover your whole body and apply sunblock and other skin care products. Other treatments should be applied according to the doctor’s recommendation.


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