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Weight Loss In Male

So, you are a man and got some weight. Don’t worry we are here to guide you on how you can lose weight and look slim like a fitness model. Almost 33 out of 100 have a disease of obesity, don’t worry if you are one of them or not. In this article, we will discuss how you (men) can lose weight effectively, get complete knowledge of weight loss, diet to lose weight, age factor, and exercises for weight loss.

Fats storage in male

Fat is the oily substance in the body that deposits under your skin. Fat is the storehouse of energy, the food you eat stores in the form of fats in your body. Some person has a high percentage of fats in their body. Fats are not a bad thing, they will help you to keep going throughout the day, and fats help you by providing energy and stamina to work. Are you interested to know how much fat percentage you have in your body? Click the link 

In the male body, fats are stored in 3 main areas chest, hips and love handle. When you eat a food high in fats, the fats will store in these parts of the body. Wherever continuous intake of fats will not increase the overall percentage of fats but also their stores in different parts of the body. The most destructive thing of fats storage is it may cause a “heart attack”, fats buildup around the arteries forms plaques and these plaques will crack the arteries.

Science behind weight loss for male

The real biology behind weight loss is almost same for both male and female. The basic principle for weight loss is take control on calories surplus. Calorie is a unit of energy, which will help you to work throughout the day, calories is not only important in doing daily life activities but also in BMR the calories your heart and inner organs need for functioning properly. But what is the link between weight loss and calories? Well, the total amount of calories intake or calories consumption should be lower than calories that burned. The equation of calories should be greater on the side of calories that burned as: calories intake < calories burned

The food you will consume has three major portions ie proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Protein helps you in building the energy and muscle power to work, carbohydrates will help in working in tissues and building glucose and fats store the extra energy in the body. Which portion is important for you and which is not? Well, there are a lot of discussions and research have been made on this topic and the basis of every outcome is to consume the energy from your fats, the substance which stores the additional extra energy in the body. Your diet should be less in fats and carbohydrates, but rich in protein. The more protein you have in your body the more power and energy you will have and ultimately you will feel less hungry than before.

Weight loss diet for male

Diet plays a major role either in weight gain or weight loss. The food you eat has a direct link with the weight you gain or the fats you stored in your body. There are many diet plans available for weight loss such as the keto diet and low carbohydrate and healthy diet. Here we will discuss the food you must eat that is accurate and easy to go with the diet you can try and lose weight.

1. Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are rich in protein and full of nutrients that help you to provide essential vitamins. The additional fiber from fruits will help in lowering cholesterol. Eating vegetables and fruits is much healthier than junk foods.

Some of vegetables which will help you in fat loss are

  1. Peas
  2. Broccoli
  3. Carrots
  4. Spinach
  5. Okra
  6. Yams

If we will just change our eating style just a bit, we can see many improvements in our daily calories intake as eating a single apple will give you enough energy for up to several minutes and if we will add some peanuts and cheese this new recipe will lift you to several hours. Also drinking cola gives you 108 calories and 27g of sugars, on the other hand, orange juice will give you 118 calories and 22g of fats. Choose the food which is best for your health, not for the taste of your tongue.

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2. Dairy products

Dairy products such as cheese and milk are rich in calcium, a substance that is very important for bones and joints. The dairy products are not only helpful in providing calcium but also providing energy and in fat loss. Whole milk contains 149 calories, less fat milk contains 120 calories. Greek yogurt is the best for weight loss as it contains more calories, high in protein, and less in fats. Taking 2 dairy servings daily will reduce the risk of being overweight by 70 percent.

3. Lean meat

You are maybe a fan of mutton, but lean meat such as fish and chicken breast is rich in protein. Men weigh more than women so they need more protein to work throughout the day. So rather than go for the burger and pizza (high in fats), eat lean meat as they can provide the same or more calories than fast food but also less in fats. The more protein you will eat, the less hungry you will be throughout the day.

4. Intermittent fasting

Fasting is a good option for weight loss. The best way is to switch between regular intervals of food consumption or take a day off once a week. Your daily habit of eating will be reduced by several numbers and your day will spend with the energy and fats stored in the body. Fasting regularly will reduce your belly size and overall fat percentage and also keep your stomach healthy.

5. Cut back on sugar

The sugar you can be found almost in every food item either packaging foods or in ketchup. Sweet is the thing we all human love to eat and it is pretty normal, but what is wrong with sugar? The answer to this question is that 1 tablespoon of sugar contains 17 calories, the more sugar you eat, the more calories you will get. Improper intake of sugar also causes high blood pressure and diabetes which led to gain in weight. Try to cut your daily sugar intake and focus on protein intake.

6. Eat nuts

Nuts are a great source of protein and fiber which are essential nutrients for the body. Think about this eating pizza or eating nuts? Well, nuts will not only provide you the calories but also fiber and zero fats, on the other hand, pizza has so many fats to consume. So, try to take 1 handful full of nuts every day, your hunger level will reduce within few days.

7. Coffee

Coffee is a great source of caffeine which helps in weight loss. Caffeine also increases the metabolic rate which will increase fats burning process. Coffee is rich in calories and in weight loss one must have to take a close look at the calorie surplus, so drinking coffee can provide you with enough calories, so you can’t eat other things.

Weight loss pills for male

Weight loss pills are also available in the market. All pills have its own specification and usage. These pills are

  1. Prime Shred Best fats burner overall
  2. Instant knockout best thermogenic for athletes or MMA fighters.
  3. Phen Q Best pills for belly fats and metabolism.
  4. Calm lean Best stimulant free fat burner for men

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Weight loss supplements for male

There are many supplements available in the market which will help you in your weight loss journey. Here we will list a few supplements for weight loss for males. But before trying to use any supplements check the reviews of supplements.

  1. Chitosan
  2. Chromium Picolinate
  3. Conjugated linoleic Acid
  4. Glucomannan
  5. Guar gum
  6. Hoodia


Weight loss is a complete journey that demands dedication, effort, and time. Males are most likely to get fat on their chests, hips, and love handles. Count your daily calorie intake and outgoing, reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise portion. Eating the right and healthy food is the key to weight loss, with green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. In fruits go for apples and those fruits which are rich in protein and low in fats. Pills and supplements also help to weight loss but check the reviews before buying any pills or supplements.


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